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Make Sterilization A Priority

Validate and perform the sterilisation of your products with a trusted partner that uses an effective sterilisation process.

The most convenient sterilization method for bag-on-valve products is gamma irradiation, which is normally used for products classified as sterile. The most common irradiation dose is a minimum of 25kGy, even if lower doses are also used.

Minimum and maximum irradiation doses shall be validated for each product.

Timely, safe and cost-effective distribution

Getting your product in markets around the world effectively and efficiently is critical to the success of your brand. You need a contract manufacturing organization that takes the stress out of distribution.

Partner with Aurena for a logistics solution that follows all necessary aerosol regulations.

Protect your intellectual property

Work with Aurena to develop innovative medical device products through in-licensing of intellectual property and products. Aurena may also be interested to license your intellectual property for commercialisation on other markets.

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