Img 6590
Lars Hedman
Img 6544 2
Magnus Hedman
Anders Bared
Img 6409
Linus Sellvén
Img 6509
Kerstin Fürst Lugne
Img 6482
Camilla Carlson
Img 6396
Daniel Lagerkvist
Img 6458
Karna Wisenius
Img 6436
Tomas Borgert
Img 6654
Magnus Svensson
Img 6606
Jesper Nylund
Aurena started in 2000 by the brothers Lars and Magnus Hedman, with a vision to create a successful international business and to become a strong, positive, and innovative force in the medical device and pharma industry. The company is still owned and managed by Lars and Magnus.

Lars Hedman
CEO, Managing Director

Magnus Hedman
Director, Business Development,
Chairman of the Board

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