Sparkling Saline is a unique, drug-free nasal rinse with clinically-proven ingredients of saline and carbon dioxide

Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray is a patent-protected technology platform for carbonated saline-based products that can be leveraged across numerous market segments. The Sparkling Saline Spray is a new generation of saline and seawater nasal sprays that are infused with microbubbles that reach deep into the nasal passages to help reduce congestion and clear the nose. Developed in partnership with Clover Hill Healthcare of the USA, Sparkling Saline uses natural product technology based on advanced and innovative formulations. 

Carbon Dioxide provides a unique sensory cue for Sparkling Saline.

In addition, it enhances the wetting properties of the saline, has disruptive effects on bio-films and thick mucus, and creates a hostile environment for pathogens. In-vitro data supports Sparkling Saline's effectiveness in reducing nasal bio-films, a cause of upper respiratory infection, chronic sinusitis, and associated with poor patient outcomes in post-operative recovery Sparkling Saline has a lower pH than regular saline, making it more hostile to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Sparkling Saline has superior wetting properties than regular saline due to surface tension changes caused by the degassing of carbon dioxide from the saline liquid. Enhanced wetting properties can have a positive effect on mucus thinning as well as clearing of mucus and inhaled debris. In addition, consumers inherently understand that bubbles are intrinsically linked to superior cleansing.


Aurena is now offering a range of CE-marked Sparkling Nasal Sprays for Allergy, Cold & Cough, Sinus Relief and Daily Nasal Care, where careful formulation with CO2 provides a demonstrably better patient experience as well as benefits such as faster and more complete nasal relief.

Sparkling Saline can form the basis for a range of ready-developed, market-oriented, CE-Approved products and well-documented products, with a short time to market. These products will be unique, patent protected and can be well supported with scientific evidence, regulatory expertise and certification. 

Product formulations include:

  • Sparkling ringer solution
  • Sparkling isotonic saline
  • Sparkling hypertonic saline
  • Sparkling isotonic natural seawater
  • Sparkling hypertonic natural seawater

You can download the complete list of CE-marked Sparkling (effervescent) formulations. Click to Download