Together with Swedish company Lipidor AB, Aurena is now offering a new Skin Disinfection Spray to customers around the world. The product is an alcohol-based disinfection spray for hands and body to reduce the risk of virus infections.

At this time, the Skin Disinfection Spray is available for initial markets. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (covid-19) we will make the product available to an increased number of markets within the near future.

The high ethanol content in this new product is effective on bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while phospholipids provide a unique emollient and moisturizing effect, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. As the phospholipids counteract the dehydrating effect of ethanol, a maximum content of the ethanol can be used for the effective killing of microbes. The formulation is based on the proprietary lipid-based technology AKVANO® from Lipidor.

Complies with: EN 14476 (antiviral) EN 1500 (antibacterial) Non-irritant: in vitro skin irritation test Epi-Derm™ EPI-200-SIT.

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