Exciting Opportunities Await You In The Medical Device Industry
In the professional wound and skin care market, many products are classified as medical devices because pharmacological claims are not the primary function.

These products include dressings, compression products, emollients and skin barrier products. The physical or mechanical function of a medical device spray product is also often suitable for bag-on-valve packaging.

Bag-On-Valve For Medical Skin Care

Bag-on-valve packaging for skin care includes silicone-based products, such as barrier films, and the increasingly popular medical adhesive remover sprays for the painless removal of stoma pouches and wound dressings. Creams, foams, antiseptic gels and burn gel sprays which treat burns, scalds and sunburns. These are suitable solutions for BOV systems, as are antiseptic gels.

The Features of Emollient Sprays

Using the BoV technology, there are also sprayable emollients from Aurena on the market. These new innovative formulations, such as emollient sprays act as a water repellent and provide barrier protection to skin irritation and soreness.

Unlike applying an emollient as cream and rubbing it onto the skin, an emollient spray is contact-free, meaning it can be applied without risk of cross-contamination.

This area is experiencing significant product development. Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities for you and your brand.

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  • Diabetic Foot Spray
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